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Here's how we can help

Our Services

Post Secondary Application Guidance

  • College/University matching

  • College Resume Building: Academic + Extracurricular Activities

  • Financial Aid application assistance 

Educational Counselling

Together we will create a personalized plan to help you achieve your academic goals through Program Planning. This framework outlines what to expect in high school, or post-secondary, review classes, assist in choosing appropriate courses, and extra-curricular activities.

1-on-1 Tutoring
Kindergarten- Grade 12   

You can expect the following:

  • OCT Teacher

  • TESL Certified

  • A monthly progress report

  • No long-term contracts

  • Online Support

  • Improved academic performance * Homework Help

ESL Support

Are you a newcomer? Has your child been enrolled in an ESL/ELL support class in school? We can help! We offer flexible, available in person or online! We cover the following topics:

  • Vocabulary

  • Speaking & Listening

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Idioms, Expressions, Phrasal Verbs and Slang

Math Tutoring

Grade 1-8 

  • Number Sense and Numeration

  •  Measurement

  • Geometry and Spatial Sense

  •  Patterning and Algebra

  • Data Management and Probability

Grade 9-12

  • Number Sense and Algebra

  • Linear Relations

  • Analytic Geometry

  • Measurement and Geometry

  • Quadratic Relations of the Form y = ax2 + bx + c

  • Analytic Geometry

  • Trigonometry

Together we can conquer Math!

Let's Connect

Calling all High School Students!

Getting your 40 Hrs of Community Service has never been Easier! Let's Connect is a Free matchmaking program for High-School students. We match students looking for placements or volunteer opportunities with our business partners.

Where would you like to volunteer?

College Application Guidance

This specific service is designed to analyze, confront, and solve your business needs. I provide customized solutions to all of my clients, and am an extremely results-oriented professional. I will work with you throughout the entire decision-making process and guarantee success. Contact me to find out how I can help today.


Our aim is help you achieve proficiency in French. We service students in all streams in Core, Extended and French Immersion.

We also cater to adults interested in learning French as a second Language.

- Speaking 
- Listening 

- Writing 
- Introductions 
- Pronunciation
- Practicing Accents 

Ready to tackle your Educational goals? Contact us today and let me put you back on track.