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Are custom packages available?

Yes! All packages can be customized. A two hour package can be used for one or two subjects. For example: English only, or one hour of English and one hour of Math.

Length of Sessions

It is strongly advised that students are enrolled for a minimum of one school semester. This allows you to compare the students' grades and overall academic performance.

How many weekly sessions does my child need?

The average student would benefit from two hours of weekly tutoring. This allows the tutor to reinforce the material covered in class and introduce new topics. 

Each student is different and after an assessment, the tutor will recommend a package that would be best suited for your child. 

Payment Schedule

Sessions must be paid for prior to the start of the lesson.

Bi-weekly, and monthly payment arrangements are available.

For your convenience electronic invoices are sent monthly, and can be paid online.


Sessions that are paid for during the current month are non-refundable. Any sessions that have not started are refundable. 

If a client pays for June & July, and decides in June that they will not continue; June is not refundable but all sessions in July are.


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